All group classes charged at £4.50 per hour (some discounts may apply)

Private lessons available at £11.50 per half hour


4 til 5:30pm – Juvenile Class (ballet, tap and modern for KS1 – age 5 to 7)

5:45 til 6:45pm – Choreography & Mixed Styles (for age 9+)



4 til 5:30pm – Junior Class (ballet, tap and modern for KS2 – age 7 to 11)

5:45 til 6:45pm – Junior Acro Class (for age 5 to 9)



4 til 5pm – Starlite Class (ballet, tap and modern for FS – age 3 to 5)

5:15 til 6:15pm – Senior Acro Class (for age 10+)

6:30 til 8:30pm – Senior Class (ballet, tap and modern for Year 7+)



9 til 10am – Mini Stars (singing, dance & drama for FS – age 3 to 5)

10:15 til 11:15am – Academy Singing (age 6+)

11:15am til 12:15pm – Academy Dance (age 6+)

12:15 til 1:15pm – Academy Drama (age 6+)


Ages are given as a guide



  • A 10% discount will apply to all weekly class hours after the first 2 (not including private lessons)

  • A 5% discount will be applied to payments made by standing order, bank transfer or paypal (personal payment, not business)

  • A 50% discount will be applied to the lowest fees of 2 siblings. A 25% discount will be applied to any subsequent siblings.

  • Discounts are cumulative



The table below should be clear. Simply see how many weekly class hours you have. The 'full' column shows the monthly fee if you pay by cash, card or cheque at class, the '-5%' column is the monthly amount you pay if paying online. If paying a sibling rate simply half the lowest fee.

Students attending the weekday dance classes will be entered for BATD dance exams, with at least one exam session per year.  Students attending the Saturday Academy classes will also have the optional opportunity to take freestyle dance exams.

Children attending any of our classes will be involved in our performances, including our main performance at the Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe.


Why not contact us for more information or download a registration form and bring along with you to any class for a FREE trial

Be sure to check our school holiday timetable if making enquiries during holidays